Much-loved “Jump Tree” at Pu’u Ualaka’a (O’ahu) with our fun friends!

Thank you for visiting! As a military ohana (family), we’ve lived (and hiked, biked, ran…) in all kinds of terrain and weather with our kids since they were babies. We founded the not-for-profit organization Outdoor Ohana in April 2007 to share our enjoyment of the outdoors with other families by providing information about family-friendly hikes and trusted gear. We moved to Washington state in 2011 and added to make it easier for mainland folks to find us.

We are also very happy to announce that an informal curriculum in Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) has been developed for your preschool and elementary students! You can find 8 short lessons suitable for a hike at the FREESCHOOL! link above.


To provide reliable information to parents about family-friendly hikes, campgrounds, gear and other adventures, such as kayaking and biking. Our philosophy is that everyone should have a great time, and finish up the adventure wanting more!

Silly family hike up Green Mt, Washington.

Behind the scenes…
I am a stay-outside mom and freelance medical writer with a background in public health (an MPH). My older boy is now in third grade and my younger boy is in kindergarten – we are out adventuring or playing with our chickens when we’re not in school (see freeschool category to the right for a few lessons you can do on the trail). This website is drawn from my experiences with the boys – from a morning bike/run on the trail to solo camping with the kids for some off-the-grid time. This website is cobbled together during spare minutes, and is my small contribution to enabling parents (often moms) to lead the family in outdoor adventures. I am gratified that so many moms have taken their kids on the trail! I have made wonderful friends through this venture, and I hope you do, too!

Note: This goes without saying, but any outdoor activity carries inherent risks. While Hawaii is paradise (ok, Washington is great, too!), you can still get cold and wet on the trail, and helicopters rescue people from well-traveled trails because they got lost or ended up out later than expected and didn’t have a headlamp to help guide the way back. Rain can come out of nowhere. Roots are slippery. Mud can be like ice. Flash floods happen. Cars can be vandalized at some popular trailheads (note glass on the ground). Please use good sense and bring more than you’ll ever guess you need (compass? GPS? phone? a hiking buddy? first aid? file a trip plan?). This is particularly true when hiking with kids – don’t let them get cold, wet, thirsty or hungry and you’ll have happier hikers sharing your trail! Please drop a comment with trail conditions if something is worth reporting – such as significant blow-down after a major storm or trail closure.

Above all, have fun, right ladies? (Tam, Ang and me on the “trail of tears” – one of those hikes which didn’t turn out to be as much fun as hoped…but we managed to have a great time anyway!)

This is a word cloud of all the posts...I think it's a fairly good representation of the time spent outdoors! (courtesy

This is a word cloud of all the posts…I think it’s a fairly good representation of the time spent outdoors! (courtesy