Maunawili Demonstration Trail

This 9.3 mile one-way trail extends from the Pali to Waimanalo. The trail is relatively level and contours the Ko’olau mountains. We hiked about 2 miles roundtrip with the kids today. The hike is relatively level and shady with a few little bridges and dry stream crossings to add interest. The kids loved the old water tower, including the tiny mud pit that somehow trapped everyone. It was only about the size of a melon but the mud covered each of our feet! How we managed to get sucked in is still a mystery. Black hole?

Afterwards we had smoothies at Lanikai Juice. Great time!

A beautiful extension to this hike is the connector trail to Maunawili Falls. From the Pali side of the demonstration trail, hike 3 miles to the connector trail, which leads down a ridge 0.7 miles to Maunawili Falls (which will be down some stairs to your right – you can’t miss the stream and sound of the falls). If you hike straight through (with a car shuttle) from Pali trailhead to Maunawili Falls trailhead it is 5.7 miles.

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