Manoa Falls

We had a great hike today in this lush rainforest. The upper Manoa valley gets over 150″ of rain each year, so the forest is very dense and the plants seem to grow in mammoth sizes.

Trail description: about 2 miles roundtrip (from street parking to falls and back). Shady the whole way, gravel part of the way then rootbound and rocky for the last quarter mile.
Lunch spot: At the end of the trail by the falls is a small clearing with large boulders to sit on and a few benches. Safe for kids. Not much room to play, but they will enjoy watching the falls.
Treachery: Other than slippery rocks to climb over, this is a very safe hike. There is a stream crossing, but the trail crews have a grate down so you can navigate it easily. Only the smallest hiker’s feet might poke through the holes (<18 month olds). Exertion: GPS data pending, but my estimate for the climb is no more than about 300′ elevation gain in just over a mile, one way.
Other: It’s wet here year-round, so expect lots of mosquitoes! In the Gear Up! section I provide some links to proven insect repellents safe for the youngest hikers.

Trailhead directions: H1 to University Ave exit. Head mauka (toward the mountains). Continue on Oahu Ave, then at five-way intersection continue essentially straight through on Manoa Rd. (Beware there is an E Manoa Rd that parallels the one you want.). Follow this to the end. You can park in a lot for $5/day or on the street about .4 mi from the trail start. Do lock your car and remove valuables. This is a high-traffic and high-theft area.

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