Mariner’s Ridge – CLOSED TO PUBLIC

The hiking buddies hit the trail again today to climb the Ko’olau Ridge via the Mariner’s Ridge trail in Hawaii Kai. Gramma joined us as well! We started out at 10am, climbed about 500 ft and .8 mi then took a break for lunch to assess our progress. After lunch the kids were rejuvenated and we set out again, gaining another 300′ and .4 mi. Our turnaround point was around 1400′ elevation – it was noon by then and the kids were pretty tired. We knew it’d be at least an hour back down to the trucks so we had to turn back without tagging the summit this time.

The trail is an excellent one for kids but it may be a bit long to complete unless you plan to start out earlier and take more frequent breaks. I am still unsure how long it actually is, but at least I had my GPS with me to record our progress. When we go with the daddies in the future we can be sure of mapping the entire route. There is a Coldstone and a Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii Kai for after-hike refreshment…

Trail conditions: Uncrowded on this sunny weekday. It was quite warm for the first .25mi because there is little shade as you climb out of the development. Once we hit the ironwood groves it cooled off quite a bit. There was a HUGE swarm of small bugs at one point, just hovering around a bush. The first person through made it past them unscathed, but the follow-on hikers had to keep their lips sealed or risk eating a few. They did not bite or chase us but their presence really unnerved one of us because they were right at head height.

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