Makapu’u Lighthouse

This relatively steep, paved trail is about 1.5 miles one way. It climbs to the top of a hill and affords a great view of the windward coast. It is also a good spot for whale-watching in the winter. The lighthouse is not reachable on the trail (although there is a “herdpath” that goes to the lighthouse). The tide pools far below the lookout at the top of the trail are worth a visit during low tide when it’s safe to traverse the crumbly and slippery lava rock. Take extra precautions if you decide to climb down or head around from the base of the trail. I do not recommend doing the tidepool adventure with children.

Exertion: This is a good hike for young kids – they will tire quickly on the way up so be prepared to carry them or push a stroller. It will be a good workout for you, too! I often carried Sam up to get my workout in, then let him stretch his legs on the way down. As you would imagine, be careful if they start running downhill – the little legs may not keep up with the momentum 🙂
Treachery: Very low in most areas, but do be alert near the top as there are some steep drop-offs.
Sun exposure: No shade at all on this hike. It can be very dry, hot and windy.
Lunch spot:You can find a few trees at the top for lunch or a snack break, but there are no picnic tables.

This trail is just off the Kalanianaole Hwy between Hawaii Kai and Waimanalo. It’s the southeasternmost point of Oahu. The trailhead is on the right if you’re heading toward Waimanalo.

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