Aiea Loop Trail

Parts of this trail are suitable for kids, but a recent trip report (below) notes erosion has taken a toll on the trail. Sam and I hiked this with our friends – two girls ages 3 and 1 (in the pack). We started at the upper trailhead near the restrooms and walked about 45 minutes before turning around to head back. Based on our usual pace, I think we did about 2-2.5 miles roundtrip. The kids did some “trail running” and hiked the whole way on their own. They enjoyed sticking their hiking stick in the mud puddles to “clean” them 🙂 We also spotted a butterfly and lots of interesting plants. The entire loop is about 5 miles, returning you to the second of three parking lots. It’s a short (10-15 min) but steep uphill walk along the road to get back to the car if you do the whole loop.

Exertion: The terrain was essentially flat with a few minor ups and downs. There were some roots to step over but nothing a toddler couldn’t handle with a helping hand every now and then.
Treachery: Be cautious – erosion has created some narrow spots with steep drop-offs to the side.
Sun exposure: Mostly shady.
Lunch spot: The picnic area at the parking lot is shady and a great place to eat after the hike.


Trailhead: Take Aiea Hts Rd all the way to the top. You’ll enter the Keaiwa Heiau and drive past two parking lots before reaching the top of the loop. Park in the top lot – the trailhead is just to the left of the restrooms. If you start going down hill again, you’ve just missed the lot.

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