Olympic Discovery Trail – Sequim start

We did our first ride on the Olympic Discovery Trail using the Sequim start (Railroad Bridge Park). The trail is developed all the way to Port Angeles. It’s really awesome! We didn’t make it quite all the way (I think it’s 10 miles from Sequim to PA) but did do 17 total. We just ran out of daylight and had to plan enough time for the return trip. I highly recommend this route. It was wonderful. Do be prepared for some steep hills as you go down on an underpass (so good control of the bike is necessary for kids to be trusted). Also be sure to enforce stopping at stop signs and street crossings. The trail is dedicated, but you do have to cross a few roads to reconnect with the trail. Our kids are 6 and 9 and the youngest did just fine.

Olympic Discovery Trail - Sequim start.

Olympic Discovery Trail – Sequim start. Riding by some cows chomping down in the evening light.

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