toddler hiking shoes

My mom just sent me Sammy’s first hiking shoes – bronzed 🙂 These are his second-generation hiking shoes (the first were by Tommy Hilfiger, actually, and were sent to him by his “Tita Bear” who was Tommy’s PR manager – he was outfitted really well that year!). Merrell is a solid company with a good track record of making exceptionally comfortable shoes. I figured they would be a good bet for Sam when he grew out of infant shoes. He’s wearing a size 9 at age 2 1/2 and is hiking up fairly steep hills on his own (500′ elevation in only about 1/4 mile). They provide good traction and protect his feet from bumps against rough lava rocks. Since it’s warm here, we bring his Crocs for after the hike. Nothing is better than taking hot shoes off and slipping into something comfortable!

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