Pentax Optio W20 waterproof camera

This is an amazing camera! It was a Christmas present from my husband, so it’s been through 7 months of gear-testing in Hawai’i…which means hikes, sun, a few drops, beach, kayaking, snorkeling, sand… It”s been through it all and is taking fantastic pictures. Actually, every picture posted here and on since Dec 2006 was taken with this camera. And before that, a Pentax Optio S4, and before that…you guessed it…a Pentax Optio S. We got hooked on the small size back in 2003 when we traveled across the country during one of our US Navy-sponsored moves. The previous models fit in an Altoids container. Pretty cool for hiking. This one takes movies and pictures UNDERWATER (up to 5′ deep). The saltwater has not affected its performance at all, and I have to admit that I usually don’t even rinse it off with tap water afterwards. I am so bad. (Hey – I’ve got a toddler to rinse off, the camera will have to wait!) At about $250 it is definitely a good buy for busy parents who want to take great snapshots and not worry about the occasional rain shower, run through the sprinklers, or beach. Way to go, Pentax.

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