front-mount bike carrier


The ibert Safe-T seat is one of the best bike carriers I have found. We tried the traditional rear-mounted seat but weren’t too impressed. The obvious limitations are not being able to see what your child is interested in and talk about it, the child doesn’t get a full view of the road, and most importantly you aren’t able to anticipate changes in balance based on your child’s movement. I found that the switch to a front-mount carrier was very intuitive. It was easier to get Sam in – I straddle the bike on my own seat and lift him up. That way I don’t have to worry about propping the bike up or having it lean against me as I twist around to hoist him up. The balance issue is a big one for me – having him up front means I can instinctively anticipate his movements vs over-compensating in reaction to them. Sam really likes holding on to the handlebars and pretending that he’s steering 🙂 The product states it is good for up to 32″ I think. Sam is now 38″ and 38 lbs (at 2 1/2 yrs old) and still riding comfortably, although I think we’re reaching the maximum height.

I highly recommend the product. There are other front-mount carriers, but this one seemed to have the most straight-forward installation and was the most cost-effective solution. By the way – if a bike shop owner tells you they’re unsafe, think again. The Europeans use front-mounted carriers (sometimes even baskets!) to transport children to daycare all the time. Google it – you’ll see.

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