Kailua Beach tide pools

This is our favorite hang-out. The water is calm and the little beach is relatively secluded. I almost hesitate to post this 😉 Sam LOVES to romp in the water and he can play on his own because the rocks protect the tide pools. The snorkeling just on the other side of the tide pools is pretty good, too. Beware of some fishing lines (I haven’t found too many hooks, though) and glass from broken beer bottles. We do beach clean-up whenever we’re there, so just bring a bag and pack out more than you bring in. It’s a little tricky to get down to the tide pools. The best best is to go up the hill on your way into Lanikai and go around the guard rail by the stone marker. Head straight down the hill. You can walk across the rocks when the tide is out – head past the boat ramp (toward Lanikai) and you’ll soon see the little beach and tide pools.

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