Guillemot Cove Preserve

Guillemot Cove Preserve, a 184-acre estate preserved for recreation on the Hood Canal, across from The Brothers and the Olympics.

The Guillemot Cove Preserve is the first hike I took with my son, Sam, way back in 2005 when he was 2 1/2 months old. It was our first adventure on a trail without Daddy around. I took a girlfriend with me and still remember changing diapers at that trail head, 8 years later. (Hi, Molly!) The trails are a bit less traveled and some parts are more remote, but it’s great outing for an adventurous family with older kids. The “Stump House” is pretty cool, and the little stream (Boyce Creek) really looks like it wants to be a salmon stream in the fall. We bumped into the owners of a house right near the property and they said a few salmon did try to come up the stream to spawn but the beavers have really confused them with their dams and redirecting the stream.

Pros: Views of the Olympics, a beach with driftwood to sit on for a snack, loop trails with huge maples and probably the biggest madrona we’ve seen in a long time (on the “Ridge Trail” immediately past the beach house).
Cons: few trail markers, and less traveled trails – carry the map with you and pay attention to topography so you have a sense of where you are.

The trailhead is easy to find, and a map is available at this link:

Should I show you this? You might just look at it and not venture out on the trail…but I will because it is really cool!

Big maple tree on the aptly named “Maple Tree Trail” which runs by the burbling Boyce Creek. All in all we hiked about 3 miles and worked up a good appetite for St. Paddy’s Day dinner.

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