Peter’s Trail

This is on the approach to the trail from the beach – nice little walk among the alders in a marshy area before going up to the trailhead.

Peter’s Trail connects the Treehouse Cafe and Lynnwood area to the Gazzam Preserve. The trail is on private property and follows switchbacks up a gradual grade to Deerpath Lane where it connects with the rest of the Gazzam trails. The entire distance from the parking lot at Treehouse Cafe along Point White Dr, through the connector trail to Baker Hill Road and on up to the Deerpath Lane trailhead is just a hair over 2 miles. The info says it has narrow and steep sections – that is compared to the rest of the island’s trails. Yes, the trail is more like single track vs double track, and there are a few sections where it climbs more steeply (about 20% grade) but overall it didn’t phase a 3 yr old and nearly 5 yr old boy today.

It’s a great little hike with many ups and downs, a wetland, surprise openings in the forest canopy which let in a splash of light, and is very picturesque. We even saw an owl hanging out in the wetland area!

Here is a link to the trailhead description and Google Maps.

The trail is in good condition and is 0.7 mi one way to Deerpath Lane.

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