Busy June

My adventures have been fairly limited for about a month during a very busy project that I took on for work. I am a freelance medical writer and editor. I was presented with an opportunity to write over 50 articles on health promotion and disease management – two topics that are important to me. Until now, most of my work had been editing manuscripts, designing scientific posters, and a few websites. It was very exciting to put my training in public health to work writing content for consumers adopting a healthier lifestyle. Sam and I continued to go on runs, but didn’t get a chance to enjoy longer adventures like hiking unless we went on the weekend. We went up the Pillbox trail in Lanikai as a family, so Dave could enjoy seeing Sam tackle the steep climb. Pictures are at our family website.
We also visited a hidden beach at the North Shore – the write-up is on our family website because it’s not one I’d recommend for those of you with very young kids. Shark’s Cove was a real hit, though, so I’ll post that review here! Aloha, and have a wonderful 4th of July!

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