Beach walk at Fort Ward

It’s winter break and time for a class hike. We extended an invitation to anyone and everyone who hadn’t escaped to Hawaii. That left only a few people but we enjoyed ourselves immensely on a hike followed by lunch at Treehouse Cafe. The moms were in hysterics laughing at the messes we were making…not the kids! Anyway, back to the hike – we headed out up the hill to the bunkers first, then along the beach on the way back to the cars. The kids really enjoyed keeping their eyes peeled for beach glass, and one even found a vertebra (probably from a gull?). My last bone find on a beach was a seal jaw bone. I kept that in my purse for a long time in order to find someone to ID it. That got me in a bit of trouble when I went through airport security – a raised eyebrow or two 🙂

Out on a beach walk at Fort Ward. The tide was low and the sun was out – couldn’t be a better way to spend a winter break day!

Cheap rubber boots allow for all kinds of adventuring without getting wet. These Hawaii boys still love the water!

Chickens all laying again! This is about 10 days’ worth.

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