Julbo sunglasses

After losing two pairs of Bolle sunglasses, I finally broke down and bought high-quality shades for Sam. After a rash of losing his sunnies, I really hesitated to spend $20+, but these seemed ideal. We’ve tested them out under all our usual conditions – hiking, biking, swimming – and they have held up extremely well. Sam puts them on and takes them off himself, and the flexibility withstands some rough treatment. Even better, Sam’s very hip NYC aunt and uncle think they’re fairly stylish. (My taste apparently is questionable, but at least Sam is faring pretty well!) I wondered how salt water would affect them, but there is no apparent degradation of the lenses. The plastic is holding up very well, too. Kudos to Julbo for making kid-friendly, high-tech sun protection. Reduce the risk of cataracts by shielding your family’s eyes against UVB light. You can find them on our Gear Up! page.

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