Kayaking with salmon!

Kayaking with the salmon – this is Ben in front, very excited to be able to paddle!

Our salmon kayak trip was awesome! We were almost praying for too much wind (so the trip would be rescheduled) because it was rainy rainy rainy and we (my friend Amy and I) had two kids, and no husbands to go with us. Wow – are we glad we were able to go. The rain actually signals to the salmon that the streams are filling up with water – enough water to spawn. So the salmon make a run for their stream of home birth – and we got to run with them! So much jumping everywhere! (According to fisheries biologist for the Suquamish tribe (Paul Dorn), who joined us on the paddle, they jump to force water through their gills and can pick up the biochemical markers identifying their stream of birth – that’s how they tell if they’re in the right stream). We got quite an education at the hatchery, then Spring took care of every detail getting us onto the water. My four-year-old had a wonderful time paddling in front of me (he even suggested making a kayak bed it was so “comfy cozy”!) and my 7 yr old enjoyed telling his Dad about a salmon jumping 18″ away from him and splashing him right in the eye! Too bad daddy had to work this weekend, but we’ll be back. The whole trip and atmosphere was wonderful! Thanks, Spring! Highly recommend this outing – check out Olympic Outdoor Center for trip info.

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