Sam climbs to the first pillbox!

Sammy got a chance to try out his new backpack on a hike up to the first pillbox from the traditional trail head across from the golf course. He did really well! I was impressed. I spotted him on the tricky parts but he otherwise did it all on his own. The climb is about 500′ over 1/2 mile. We ate a snack in a shady spot to the side of the pillbox and gazed out at the ocean, and decided to swim after we got back down. It took him 45 min to climb up. After hanging out for about 15 minutes, the hike down took 30 minutes. Roundtrip was a very doable, relaxed 1.5 hrs. He liked having his own water on board, and a place to carry his prized possession – a little red car we found while camping in Washington. He takes it everywhere!

A word of caution if you haven’t read my review of this hike – the footing is a bit tricky and care must be taken on some narrow sections near steep drop-offs. The first section is very slippery, especially when it’s been either very dry or very rainy. A rope has been put up to help your ascent up the first 100′ but Sam didn’t really grasp the concept of pulling up with a rope. He wanted his hiking pole 🙂

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