Blakely Cemetery – and a science demo right under our feet!

Trail to Blakely Cemetery.

As Ben and I walked the 0.3 mile trail up to Blakely Cemetery, we enjoyed the fall colors and smells all around us. There’s a distinctive scent of decaying leaves in the air when the ground is wet. I uncovered some freshly fallen leaves and showed Ben how they get progressively darker, wetter, flimsier and finally almost like dirt as you unpeel the layers off the ground. We talked about how digestion works the same way – your mouth chews up food to make smaller parts, enzymes start the digestion process in saliva, then food gets progressively more and more mashed up as it moves through the digestive tract. With digestion, molecules are freed up for absorption by the blood and delivery to nourish tissues.

A group of kids were on a field trip in the cemetery looking for grave stones over 100 years old. We found some, too. Made me think of the stories I’ve read about the logging families who moved here 150 years ago in search of a new life. This is a short hike, but it’s right across from Blakely Harbor, so you can talk about estuaries and logging, too.

Fall seems to offer a visual reminder of the cycle of life as new soil is created, and the ground is nourished by falling leaves. It was a nice way to share in time outside, and think about how nature offers lessons in science – often right under our feet!

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