Jogging strollers

When Sam was born, I started out using the Baby Trend Expedition travel system (includes infant car seat, base and stroller). Now we use the B.O.B. Revolution jogging stroller. Both are featured on our Gear Up! page and are reviewed separately below. Consider checking out – they feature a wide range of products and publish all the reviews they receive from parents. It’s a great resource for doing your homework before buying.

Baby Trend Expedition LE
It worked really well – you can put the car seat in the stroller without waking up the baby (and vice versa). The system is well-made and has some nice features, such as a hand disc brake as well as locking rear wheels, a good parent tray, storage beneath and a rain cover you can buy as an accessory. I can’t tell you how many times we were stopped in the park by men whose wives had sent them running over to find out what brand the stroller was. I guess the black color and shiny spokes on the wheels looked good 🙂 It has a new look now, and some of the features may have changed. I have not used the new model, but the features I appreciated on my model may still be incorporated.

B.O.B. Revolution
This high-end stroller was purchased for me by my dear husband. He arrived home one day with it and spoiled me! It is a great stroller, rides very smoothly thanks to the shock absorption, has good storage space, is lightweight, and has a nice swivel front wheel feature. The legroom and headroom are good, it has a parent tray accessory and decent sun shade. You can also buy a rain cover to attach (it’s bulkier than Baby Trend’s rain cover but it does the trick). The stroller has held up well under heavy use on all kinds of terrain, including sand. My only reservation about the stroller is it doesn’t have a hand brake you can use to slow down when running downhill. It is an expensive stroller ($350 or so) yet it’s only about a pound lighter than the Baby Trend.

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