Mariner’s Ridge – CLOSED TO PUBLIC

panorama from summit of Mariner’s Ridge hike

Please note – this beautiful hike is not on a state-sanctioned trail.

Exertion: 850′ elevation gain over 1.4 miles one way.
Sun exposure: ironwood stands provide shade for about 75% of the hike
Treachery: exposed summit with sheer cliff drop-offs so absolutely keep kids corralled
Lunch spot: summit offers outstanding 360-degree views, just keep a close eye on the kids at all times

The trail is easy to follow and provides an excellent view rivaling that of the Kuli’ou’ou Ridge hike, with about half the elevation gain required to get there. Your car does most of the climbing as you drive through the Mariner’s Ridge development. The footing is good and passable the whole way for three-year-old Sam. Kids enjoy the many opportunities to scramble over boulders. Beware of tiny ironwood pine cones – they’re like having wheels suddenly appear on the bottom of your shoes. Those little ball bearings will take you down even if you’re standing still! Click the picture above to see more photos of our hike.

Trailhead: Hawaii Kai
Take Keahole St. straight through each intersection until you reach the post office on your left.
Go left at Kaluanui Rd. into the Mariner’s Ridge development and immediately start driving up hill.
Continue on to the end and park. Trail is at the end of the culdesac.
Note: Trail is on private property the whole way but people hike the trail all the time. Be respectful of the property so this privilege continues.

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