Friendship Garden – new pals

New pals on a hike at Friendship Garden!

New pals on a hike at Friendship Garden!

Lucky me – I met these two women on the beach and they wanted to take their 2 yr old sons hiking! So we gathered up an impromptu outing this morning and had a wonderful time. The family on the left is from Germany and is staying in Kailua for about a month, and the lady in the middle has been hiking with her kids over the summer and found me through this website – she heard me talking to my kids on the beach and recognized their names! How fun that I got to meet an Outdoor Ohana reader in real life!

The boys had a great time being two-year-old boys with no big siblings to rush them. They brandished stick swords (no stabbing!) and poked trees, scraped dirt and informed the moms very directly “I don’t WANT to hold hands!” We found an “S” for Sam on the trail, chomped down snacks while waiting out a brief shower (dried mango with li hing powder was a hit with the kids – they couldn’t get enough of it – and the daddy with us couldn’t get enough of my yogurt covered raisins, although he insisted they were white chocolate! Is that why we’re struggling with obesity? They tell us it’s yogurt…but really?) We got a great view of Kaneohe Bay then headed down through the bamboo forest to crack open a macadamia nut that we’d found.

Good times – thanks, friends!

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