Pu’u Ohia

Pu'u Ohia is a hit!

Pu'u Ohia is a hit!

Kathy and crew checked out another hike with us today – Caleigh’s second hike on her own two feet with NO HELP! Wahoo! She is almost three (Aug). Pu’u Ohia will go down on the top 12 list for great kid hikes.

The trail starts with a bunch of stairs, then turns into a gentle grade through bamboo and guava. When you get to a service road at about .5 mi into the hike, go right and head up to the telephone station and pick the trail up again just to the left of the chainlink fence. That’s your turnaround point (0.75 mi) for Pu’u Ohia or you can continue on to connect with the Manoa Cliff trail and Pauoa Flats trail. If you go left at the service road junction you’ll see a cell phone tower at the top of a little rise – that’s the top of Mt. Tantalus.

Trailhead: It’s in the Tantalus trail network at about mile 4.5 on Tantalus/Roundtop Dr. There is a parking lot on the makai side of the road, and Pu’u Ohia starts across the street from the lot. Drive slowly or you’ll miss it.

Shade: about 75%
Treachery: low to moderate – it can be slippery after a rain, and there are some steep edges off to the side of the trail, but lots of bamboo to hold onto or break a fall. The child would not be lost forever, but a bit surprised. How’s that for a caution?
Lunch spot: top of service road is protected and kids can walk around.
Exertion: Easy grade but good workout for kids.

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