Manoa Cliff Trail


We checked out a new trail today – Manoa Cliff Trail in the Honolulu Mauka Trail System (Tantalus/Roundtop area). While it won’t make it to the Alli’s recommended hikes list, it was a beautiful trail. I would say it’s manageable for kids age 4+ who are accustomed to hiking and following direction. About 80% of the trail has a steep grade to one side, with a fairly narrow trail (barely wide enough for mom and one kid abreast). We chanted “hug the hill!” to remind the big kids to be mindful of where the edge was. Everyone enjoyed the hike, especially the geocache at the snack bench .75 mi into the trail.

The cache was interesting…here’s what I logged in the online record:
Three moms and six keiki found the cache and some stash. Unfortunately, we also found some hash. The cache stash smelled like hash.

I got a note back from the geocache owner almost immediately – she was very apologetic and couldn’t believe what people put in geocaches. She was very nice and planned to remedy the problem right away.

Michelle and her two kids joined Team J and Team K. The kids really wanted to be leader, so we had to come up with special positions for all three big kids – Leader/CO, XO and Sweep. Very interesting helping kids to learn negotiation and teamwork. Lovely day out on the trail. ^5 to Team K for their first real hike!!

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