Water resources (Hawai’i)

The Board of Water Supply (BWS) for Honolulu provides several opportunities for educating kids about water resources and conservation. The home page includes a graphical, interactive depiction of the water cycle. The BWS also conducts guided tours of facilities and reservoirs. I’m taking the kids to a hike in the Tantalus region tomorrow and wanted to know how much rain falls there annually (about 100″!). The BWS provides answers to these and many other questions, including an introduction to xeriscaping (creative planting of indigenous species to conserve water). Way to go, BWS!

Question for kiddos: why would plants in the desert want to have tiny leaves or pricklies while plants in wet areas would do ok with very large leaves?
Answer: you lose less water if you have smaller leaves or pricklies because there is less surface area!

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