Old Pali Rd

Our new hiking buddies, Liisa and Mikko-Dakota, showed us one of their favorite hikes today – the Old Pali Rd/Likeke Trail. We started at the Pali Lookout and went as far as the trail under the Pali highway and will come back another day when we have more time to check out the rest of the trail to the falls we visited last week. The views are incredible from the Old Pali Rd. The hike is easy for kids since it’s old pavement. Beware that what goes down must go back up…so do budget time and energy for the return trip. More details to follow once we do the whole trail to the Pali Falls (see post entry “Likeke Falls + Old Pali Rd”). From the lookout parking lot to the crawl under the highway it was 0.8 miles one way.

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