Pu’u Pia

Pu’u Pia is a great trail for kids! We hiked it yesterday for the first time. It is shady almost all the way, not too steep, not too many roots, no treachery, and not very slippery. Residents living near the trailhead say that you can hardly feel rain coming through the thick canopy, so the trail doesn’t get too wet.

We also tried our hand at geocaching yesterday. There are a few hidden on this trail – we chose Pu’u Pia Toy Box. The kids (and moms!) had a blast finally finding the hidden treasure!

Treachery: none! (other than the usual slippery roots)
Lunch spot: Beautiful summit that has a fairly large area for kids to sit in a circle and eat. Didn’t notice any ants trying to bite us or get to our food – a bonus 🙂
Sun exposure: shady except for the last 0.1 mile to the summit on a ridge
Exercise: moderate – it’s perfect for beginners and a good confidence-booster to reach the summit. Total distance is ~2.4 roundtrip (from truck to top since you have to park about 0.1 from trailhead).

Directions to trailhead: Take E Manoa road mauka, turn left on Alani Dr. Travel 0.75 mi to sharp bend in road to right – notice brown and yellow sign on left marking trailhead. Park on road.


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