the environment as curriculum

This is not a new idea – the environment as an integrating context (EIC) for learning is a model developed by SEER and has been implemented across the country in select schools. I propose that this model is applicable to kids of preschool age, and is how Sam and I have approached opportunities for learning while on hikes and other outings. When people ask “is Sam in school?” or “are you going to put him in preschool?” this is how I’ll respond – “yes, he’s in freeschool.” I am asked almost daily about preschool. I am not sure what is driving the questions, but I’m growing weary of saying “no” and then trying to explain what we do for learning. So I will begin posting pictures or drawings of what we’ve learned while out hiking or on other outings here, under this category. I hope it will prove useful or inspiring to other families interested in utilizing the natural world for informal learning. I am using the term “freeschool” for fun – I don’t subscribe to the relatively anarchist philosophies of some other “free schools” you can read about 😉

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